Safety Training

Could you use your fire extinguishers effectively in an emergency? Could your staff?

Statistics reveal that over 80% of fires are extinguished by ordinary people – highlighting the essential need for fire safety training?

At some point it is inevitable that most organisations will face the risk of fire or some similar life and economically threatening incident. Whilst local Fire Services are available to respond 24 hours a day, it is very often the first actions by staff which can pave the way for a successful conclusion to an incident.

Providing staff with the necessary training and skills to face this challenge provides an effective response to potential disaster and, importantly, develops a higher sense of value and awareness to the very serious problems of fire safety.

We do not advocate that staff should take the role of the professional fire fighting service, but catching a fire in the very early stages, and utilising the correct equipment and training given, can often prevent a fire from developing into a much greater potential danger.

The provision of fire safety training for industrial and commercial organisations is a mutually beneficial relationship for all parties. Increased awareness and capability by staff aids the attendance by the Fire Service, ensuring a successful and effective result to the incident.

The correct action by an employee in the event of fire is seldom a topic of conversation. But, the result of poorly trained staff can be potentially disastrous!

Some skills are just too important to be left to chance, please give us a call on 01279-730999 and our experienced staff can tell you how we can help with all your training needs.

As well as getting hands-on experience in actually discharging an extinguisher, general fire safety training will also cover important topics such as How and Why fires spread.

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